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Singapore – A Foodies Haven

The Little Red Dot – Singapore. The place that many people call ‘Asia Lite’. Why? According to Singapore Commerce Association, because everything is squeaky clean – every trace of that wonderful street food culture that makes Asian a great and exciting place to visit has been erased in the quest to make Singapore into a sort of Disneyland of South East Asia. That’s what some visitors would have you believe – it’s absolute and utter rubbish.

For those who have lived in Singapore one of the fondest memories they will have is the food. It is simply among the best in the world. Whether you want Chinese (a huge selection of different cuisines), Thai, Malay, Indian or anything that Asia has to offer it is there for the taking in Singapore.

And then you ignore some of the most wonderful foods that are domestic creations.

For those who love the tastes and flavors of a place that is perfectly situated at the end of the Malay Peninsula Singapore is a gastronomic playground.

From the blog, it is different to start a tour of the wonders of where to find the best that Singapore has to offer as far as food is concerned.

Even if you are wearing a suit and tie there can only be one place that should be the first on your bucket list of Singaporean cuisine. That is Lau Pa Sat Food Hawker Center. Right at the center of the financial district this is the pace where you can kick back and relax with some of Singapore’s most iconic dishes – and really begin to understand the multicultural nature of the food that you will enjoy across the city state.

Hawker centers are found all over the city – and they offer the best value – and some of the most delicious food to be found in Singapore. Why pay $50 for lunch when you can pay $5? For something which contains fresh ingredients?

So why would you avoid places like the Maxwell Hawkers Centre which provides one the best chicken rice dishes in the word (Gordon Ramsey loved it) at Tian Tian Chicken Rice?

Well – Singapore offers some of the best western style restaurants in the world. Head down to the financial district and you can enjoy some of the best cuisine in the world. Visit Marina Bay Sands – one of the most iconic hotels in the world and there are a plethora of restaurants to choose from. Visit Cut – Wolfgang Pucks signature steakhouse. Or Hide Yamamoto and enjoy fresh and wonderful creations at around $300 per meal.

However, for the authentic taste of Singapore there can be no substitute for the Hawker Market. It is where the locals and the expats alike gather. It allows you to experience the entirety of what the Singapore food scene is all about. The freshness of the food and the fact that the Singapore authorities keep an eye on hygiene all the time make the market experience simply the best when it comes to exploring the Singapore food scene.

A hawker market is where people from all walks of life gather. It is where you can taste foods from across southeast Asia. The multicultural nature of Singapore businesses allows you to spend an evening in the company of people from across the region p and enjoy foods that you may not have ever thought existed. However. Many of the foods that you have had in your home countries are brought to life – as they should have been.

It’ll be hot, it may be crowded. But the rewards are incredible. Crack open an ice cold Tiger beer and settle down to chicken and peanut sauce – you’ll never leave.

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