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Plumber Singapore – Top Plumbing Repair Services You Can Give A Try

Are you looking for the right plumber in Singapore? We have spent hours to check and experience ourselves to find out the top 11 plumbing companies in Singapore.

Throughout the years of Singapore’s development, several professional services have also been made available as a result of several establishments build across the country – both residential and commercial.  One of these in-demand services in Singapore is plumbing.

All year round, plumbing problems do no stop hindering operations of businesses or causing inconvenience to homes. This proves the importance of having a go-to plumbing shop or service provider in case these needs arise.

SG 1 Plumber has been one of the most consistent service providers for plumbing issues and installations in the country, best known for efficient service at affordable pricing.

For more options, we have compiled the top 11 best plumbing companies in Singapore today to make your search faster and easier.

#1 – SG1 Plumber

The company is not named SG1 for anything. SG1 Plumber is one of Singapore’s most in-demand plumbing service company because of their consistent track record of providing flawless and professionally done services to their clients throughout the years.

Call SG1 Plumber 9061 0797
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As an established company, SG1 Plumber Services has also built a wide network of licensed plumbers within their team, which has allowed them to cater to the growing and developing the community of Singapore 24/7. Moreover, the wide range of expertise of their plumbers also expands the services of the SG1 Plumber from repairs of basic leak problems to installation of complex pipe systems.

Learn more about the services of SG1 Plumber through their site at https://sg1plumber.com. This website also doubles as a booking page for the company, providing the clients with more alternatives to book their services.

#2 – Plumbing Hub

Plumbing Hub is popularly known for their 1-hour response time for their clients’ plumbing needs. Fast and convenient as how most plumbing concerns should be addressed, as well. Currently led by young yet extremely skilled plumbing himself, Plumbing Hub has managed to build its portfolio servicing and solving many pipe and water system cases throughout the years.

One of the hailed features of this plumbing company is their precision in dealing with every task, which has led to long-lasting results from their services. There is certainly no doubting Pluming Hub’s expertise in plumbing services as they have been in existence in the past 30 years, skills and service guarantee passed on from generations to generation.

#3 – Plumber Meng

Plumber Meng is one of those few homegrown companies that have managed to penetrate the Singaporean market, mainly due to its localised marketing effort, matched with unmatched expertise in solving every homeowners’ plumbing nightmare.

Ah Meng has been specialising in home plumbing systems and can readily provide plumbing solutions for the clogged sink, toilet, pipes, and gulleys.  Unlike other commercialised services, Plumber Meng provides a homier service, which truly appeals well to the neighbourhood that he serves.

Despite being a homegrown service provider, Plumber Meng is definitely not going behind in its online presence. His list of services can be accessed at https://plumbermeng.com/about-plumbermeng/.

#4 – Shun Engineering Services

An established plumbing and electrician company has also gained its footing in Singapore due to their highly professional services. One of the key features of this company is the reliability of their licenses that are relevant for residential, commercial, and even industries client base.

Among their popular plumbing service is pipe installation, which is likewise guaranteed to be supplied with only the highest quality of materials. Aside from this, Plumber Meng’s engineers are also experts in water heater systems, which is more popular among the industrial properties that they serve. A comprehensive list of their plumbing and electrical services can be found at https://www.ses.com.sg/.

#5 – Harand Services

Harand Services is a provider of professional plumbing services in Singapore, specialising in fire hydrant testing, leaks repair and detection, and choke clearing. One kept this company on top of the industry is their consistent consumer support, which extends to post-service.

Apart from professional plumbing services, the company is also renowned for their network cabling solutions. To ensure that you book the right services for your needs, make sure to give them a call for quotation and appointment at 90628858 or find out more here.

#6 – Kingston Sanitary and Plumbing

Found in 1995, this sole proprietorship company has emerged to be one of the recognisable household names when it comes to water system installation and industrial hygiene provider. One of their major plumbing projects in Singapore is the installation of the NEWater Bulk Meter for new establishments.

The company’s business process is also recognised and accredited internationally making them one of the trusted in the plumbing service industry to date. Despite this success, clients are also satisfied with the customer support the Kingston provides regardless of how big or small the project is.

#7 – Plumber Singapore Groff

Are you situated in Singapore’s HDB area? We know the struggle of finding legit and accredited service contractors for your property. This will end your search, as Groff plumbing is one of the proven and tested plumbing service providers that is registered with Singapore’s HDB community.

This means that you will have your 24-hr plumber support wherever you are in Singapore, without having to worry about the hassles of registering your service contractor, among others. Groff Plumbing Services likewise promises only the best supplies and plumbing tools to ensure the credibility of the service they provide. Get to know more about how the company works at https://www.groffplumbing.com

#8 – Green Wood Plumbing Singapore

Never have to worry about those annoying leaks or clogging in your home, because when it comes to home plumbing service, Green Wood Plumbing is a call or chat away. While the company has currently expanded to serving some commercial complexes, the heart of their services is still the residential areas of Singapore.

With this, you can be reassured of lesser busy lines with Green Wood plumbing, while also knowing that your plumber is highly familiar with the residential water and pipe system in your area. Their plumbers are also available for dispatch 24/7, so you can count on them even during emergency cases. They can reach through their 24-hour hotline at 8208 5588.

#9 – Mr Plumber

An ACRA registered company that delivers professional, fast, and round the clock plumbing services in Singapore. One of the interesting things about this company is that their plumbers come in different ages and background and are yet uniformly skilled and professional in doing the work.

In order for them to fully address the problem, Mr Plumber involves in pre-assessment of the area as part of the entire service package. This allows the plumbers or the entire team to properly estimate the costs and time the issue will be fixed.

However, for basic plumbing repairs, Mr Plumber also offers their emergency or rush services. Get to know more about this humble company here at https://www.mrplumber.sg/.

#10 – AG’s Plumber

Too busy to make a call? AG’s Plumber has just made their plumbing and renovating services more accessible with their online appointment system that can be done here https://agsplumbers.com/.

One of the pros of going with AG’s plumbing is that when you get them as your contractor for renovating, you can also use their expertise of upgrading your pipe system or finally addressing those leak problems you have been having.

This is why the business model of AG’s has worked throughout the years in Singapore – combining plumbing and renovating services. The team is composed of licensed plumbing technicians and engineers guaranteeing quality standards in their work and supplies.

#11 – ADM Plumbing Services

Another company in Singapore that promises no less than peace of mind for property owners is ADM Plumbing Services. The company has an established customer support team to ensure that all inquiries, emergency calls, and appointments are well-attended to anytime, any day.

All of the company’s technicians are also experience for not less than five years, which assures clients of standard work ethics and quality when they call ADM for their plumbing needs. They can be reached through their website at https://adm24hrsplumbing.com.sg.

Ready to Make a Call?

These are currently some of the most active and top-rated plumbing service providers in Singapore as of today. Do you experience any good plumbing companies in Singapore? Please comment below!

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Are you looking for the right plumber in Singapore? We have spent hours to check and experience ourselves to find out the top 11 plumbing companies in Singapore.
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