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Top 11 Best & Recommended Cheap Air Conditioning Servicing & Repair Companies in Singapore

Looking for a professional aircon cleaning company to clean or chemical wash your air conditioner?

You might see signs of aircon service providers on the road. You can also see them advertising their services on the web.

Top 5 Best 24 Hour Locksmith Services In Singapore

Are you looking for a reliable & cheap locksmith in Singapore?

Finding a good locksmith is not easy. we have selected 5 best locksmiths in Singapore that we can proudly recommend to you updated for 2019

Plumber Singapore – Top Plumbing Repair Services You Can Give A Try

Are you looking for the right plumber in Singapore? We have spent hours to check and experience ourselves to find out the top 11 plumbing companies in Singapore.

Throughout the years of Singapore’s development, several professional services have also been made available as a result of several establishments build across the country – both residential and commercial. One of these in-demand services in Singapore is plumbing.

Plumber Singapore – Top Plumbing Repair Services You Can Give A Try

Are you looking for the right plumber in Singapore? We have spent hours to check and experience ourselves to find out the top 11 plumbing companies in Singapore.

Throughout the years of Singapore’s development, several professional services have also been made available as a result of several establishments build across the country – both residential and commercial.  One of these in-demand services in Singapore is plumbing.

All year round, plumbing problems do no stop hindering operations of businesses or causing inconvenience to homes. This proves the importance of having a go-to plumbing shop or service provider in case these needs arise.

SG 1 Plumber has been one of the most consistent service providers for plumbing issues and installations in the country, best known for efficient service at affordable pricing.

For more options, we have compiled the top 11 best plumbing companies in Singapore today to make your search faster and easier.

#1 – SG1 Plumber

The company is not named SG1 for anything. SG1 Plumber is one of Singapore’s most in-demand plumbing service company because of their consistent track record of providing flawless and professionally done services to their clients throughout the years.

Call SG1 Plumber 9061 0797
WhatsApp SG1 Plumber

As an established company, SG1 Plumber Services has also built a wide network of licensed plumbers within their team, which has allowed them to cater to the growing and developing the community of Singapore 24/7. Moreover, the wide range of expertise of their plumbers also expands the services of the SG1 Plumber from repairs of basic leak problems to installation of complex pipe systems.

Learn more about the services of SG1 Plumber through their site at https://sg1plumber.com. This website also doubles as a booking page for the company, providing the clients with more alternatives to book their services.

#2 – Plumbing Hub

Plumbing Hub is popularly known for their 1-hour response time for their clients’ plumbing needs. Fast and convenient as how most plumbing concerns should be addressed, as well. Currently led by young yet extremely skilled plumbing himself, Plumbing Hub has managed to build its portfolio servicing and solving many pipe and water system cases throughout the years.

One of the hailed features of this plumbing company is their precision in dealing with every task, which has led to long-lasting results from their services. There is certainly no doubting Pluming Hub’s expertise in plumbing services as they have been in existence in the past 30 years, skills and service guarantee passed on from generations to generation.

#3 – Plumber Meng

Plumber Meng is one of those few homegrown companies that have managed to penetrate the Singaporean market, mainly due to its localised marketing effort, matched with unmatched expertise in solving every homeowners’ plumbing nightmare.

Ah Meng has been specialising in home plumbing systems and can readily provide plumbing solutions for the clogged sink, toilet, pipes, and gulleys.  Unlike other commercialised services, Plumber Meng provides a homier service, which truly appeals well to the neighbourhood that he serves.

Despite being a homegrown service provider, Plumber Meng is definitely not going behind in its online presence. His list of services can be accessed at https://plumbermeng.com/about-plumbermeng/.

#4 – Shun Engineering Services

An established plumbing and electrician company has also gained its footing in Singapore due to their highly professional services. One of the key features of this company is the reliability of their licenses that are relevant for residential, commercial, and even industries client base.

Among their popular plumbing service is pipe installation, which is likewise guaranteed to be supplied with only the highest quality of materials. Aside from this, Plumber Meng’s engineers are also experts in water heater systems, which is more popular among the industrial properties that they serve. A comprehensive list of their plumbing and electrical services can be found at https://www.ses.com.sg/.

#5 – Harand Services

Harand Services is a provider of professional plumbing services in Singapore, specialising in fire hydrant testing, leaks repair and detection, and choke clearing. One kept this company on top of the industry is their consistent consumer support, which extends to post-service.

Apart from professional plumbing services, the company is also renowned for their network cabling solutions. To ensure that you book the right services for your needs, make sure to give them a call for quotation and appointment at 90628858 or find out more here.

#6 – Kingston Sanitary and Plumbing

Found in 1995, this sole proprietorship company has emerged to be one of the recognisable household names when it comes to water system installation and industrial hygiene provider. One of their major plumbing projects in Singapore is the installation of the NEWater Bulk Meter for new establishments.

The company’s business process is also recognised and accredited internationally making them one of the trusted in the plumbing service industry to date. Despite this success, clients are also satisfied with the customer support the Kingston provides regardless of how big or small the project is.

#7 – Plumber Singapore Groff

Are you situated in Singapore’s HDB area? We know the struggle of finding legit and accredited service contractors for your property. This will end your search, as Groff plumbing is one of the proven and tested plumbing service providers that is registered with Singapore’s HDB community.

This means that you will have your 24-hr plumber support wherever you are in Singapore, without having to worry about the hassles of registering your service contractor, among others. Groff Plumbing Services likewise promises only the best supplies and plumbing tools to ensure the credibility of the service they provide. Get to know more about how the company works at https://www.groffplumbing.com

#8 – Green Wood Plumbing Singapore

Never have to worry about those annoying leaks or clogging in your home, because when it comes to home plumbing service, Green Wood Plumbing is a call or chat away. While the company has currently expanded to serving some commercial complexes, the heart of their services is still the residential areas of Singapore.

With this, you can be reassured of lesser busy lines with Green Wood plumbing, while also knowing that your plumber is highly familiar with the residential water and pipe system in your area. Their plumbers are also available for dispatch 24/7, so you can count on them even during emergency cases. They can reach through their 24-hour hotline at 8208 5588.

#9 – Mr Plumber

An ACRA registered company that delivers professional, fast, and round the clock plumbing services in Singapore. One of the interesting things about this company is that their plumbers come in different ages and background and are yet uniformly skilled and professional in doing the work.

In order for them to fully address the problem, Mr Plumber involves in pre-assessment of the area as part of the entire service package. This allows the plumbers or the entire team to properly estimate the costs and time the issue will be fixed.

However, for basic plumbing repairs, Mr Plumber also offers their emergency or rush services. Get to know more about this humble company here at https://www.mrplumber.sg/.

#10 – AG’s Plumber

Too busy to make a call? AG’s Plumber has just made their plumbing and renovating services more accessible with their online appointment system that can be done here https://agsplumbers.com/.

One of the pros of going with AG’s plumbing is that when you get them as your contractor for renovating, you can also use their expertise of upgrading your pipe system or finally addressing those leak problems you have been having.

This is why the business model of AG’s has worked throughout the years in Singapore – combining plumbing and renovating services. The team is composed of licensed plumbing technicians and engineers guaranteeing quality standards in their work and supplies.

#11 – ADM Plumbing Services

Another company in Singapore that promises no less than peace of mind for property owners is ADM Plumbing Services. The company has an established customer support team to ensure that all inquiries, emergency calls, and appointments are well-attended to anytime, any day.

All of the company’s technicians are also experience for not less than five years, which assures clients of standard work ethics and quality when they call ADM for their plumbing needs. They can be reached through their website at https://adm24hrsplumbing.com.sg.

Ready to Make a Call?

These are currently some of the most active and top-rated plumbing service providers in Singapore as of today. Do you experience any good plumbing companies in Singapore? Please comment below!

Top 11 Best & Recommended Cheap Air Conditioning Servicing & Repair Companies in Singapore

Looking for a professional aircon cleaning company to clean or chemical wash your air conditioner?

You might see signs of aircon service providers on the road. You can also see them advertising their services on the web.

However, you can’t make a call to just any company because you want to be calling somebody who’s reliable.

Reliable aircon service providers isn’t easy to find. Learning more about a company would be a good first step to find the right company for you.

 Our 11 recommended best aircon service companies for 2019 are described in this article.

It would be best to have an aircon company that near your home. They can get to you when you need them with no delays. The selected aircon service companies are found in various locations in Singapore which means you can pick the one closest to your home.

Billy Aircon

Billy Aircon has been around for 25 years having catered 900+ customers throughout those years. A team of more than 12 technicians execute their services with the highest standards of professionalism in the industry ensuring quality with every job.

Call Billy Aircon 9456 0875

WhatsApp Billy Aircon

The coverage of their services includes Tampines, Bedok, Woodlands, Jurong West, Toa Payoh, and Ang Mo Kio. If you are in one of those areas, you can be assured of fast and quality service by calling Billy Aircon.

They have the standard commercial air-conditioner service, aircon repair, and gas top-up. You can also avail of their chemical washing service to do a full cleaning of your air-conditioner. Clients can also hire their team for an installation job whether it’s installing a window type or a full HVAC system.

Billy Aircon is a great choice because they provide quality services at inexpensive rates. They have accreditation from the Singaporean government which assures top-notch repair, maintenance, and installation service.

Billy Aircon Servicing & Repair Singapore located at 35 Circuit Rd, Singapore 370035. You can contact them at +65 9456 0875 or +65 6846 4587. Visit their website to learn more about the company and its services at www.billyaircon.com.sg.

AS Aircon

This company stands out for their top-notch services which they cater to all kinds of clients whether it’s a small flat in the Woodlands or a big office space in the central business district. They have the requisite experience to handle any situation.

It doesn’t matter how big or small the problem is because they’ve got a team of aircon technicians who can service your air-conditioners. They have several services that they offer their clients at a small price compared to other companies.

The premium services they have is aircon repair and installation and chemical washing. They also do overhauling jobs and standard aircon servicing. You can avail of their packages by going to their website. You must specify the job you need to hire them for and then set an appointment.

Professional service delivering quality work is the main draw for AS Aircon Servicing. Families, homeowners, business owners, and corporations are happy with the service they got from AS Aircon. They pride themselves by exceeding the expectations of their clients in terms of quality of services.

Great Aircon

Great Aircon puts a premium on the quality of their services as their way of valuing the trust of their clients. The company is composed of no less than a team of professionals who are responsible for bringing in greater air quality through their aircon maintenance services.  Their service process includes a thorough diagnosis of the problem, assessment, and quotation. This allows the team to provide the most appropriate service for your AC unit. The number of their repeat clients is also a testament to the kind of “great’ service that this company provides.

Great Aircon also offers different service package, from one-time servicing, to contract servicing, and annual aircon maintenance and repair. Aside from this, the company specialises in chemical cleaning, as well. Chemical cleaning may seem like a complex service, but the Great Aircon team has had years of experience in doing this, thus earning the trust of their clients. All of their technicians are in-house, so you can be assured of no sub-contracting when dealing with Great Aircon.

The company is located at Midview City within Sin Ming Lane. They’re registered as an air-conditioning services company that hires professionals to do the job for them. There is an easy way to contact them for your needs. You can simply go to their website and find the contact numbers on their page. The website also has an online booking for where customers can tell them about the issues they’re having with their AC for the company to be able to address them.

No other aircon service company values your comfort inside your home like Great Aircon. An aircon expert for repairs, installation, and other services. No better air-conditioning company does it like Great Aircon.

Coolbest Aircon

The Coolbest Aircon mission has been to become a reliable Singapore-based aircon service company. Aside from delivering quality and reliable service, the services are affordable enough for anyone in the country.

With a full range of aircon services, the company is ready to fix any problem on all kinds of units. Repairs, installations, indoor and outdoor cleaning, and other maintenance jobs can be done by their company.

You can also hire them to install your air-conditioner from window types to large air-conditioning systems. They also have chemical cleaning which is the best service for overhauling an AC to get back to full operation.

For 18 years, the company has been a fixture in communities in Singapore. People avail of their services regularly adding more and more customers per year. You can find testimonials from satisfied customers on their website.

We recommend visiting their website because you get to learn more about their services, tips and guides, and the schedule of their operations. You can also book an appointment with their company on their website. Coolbest Aircon Servicing located at Block 540 #03-1108, Jurong West Avenue 1 , Singapore 640540. You may call them at +65 9182 5233

Aire Control

An established company like Aire Control has been around for many years. With well-trained technicians they do repairs and perform services for hundreds of clients in Singapore each year. Their services are some of the best in Singapore.

They have a service fleet that caters to all their customers. Armed with the right tools and equipment to do their services on location. These service fleets can also do emergency services for air-conditioners when their clients need it.

The company has been given the TrustSg accreditation which is seen as one of the seals on their website. They were also awarded as a Successful Entrepreneur back in 2010 showing their commitment to excellence and being a professional aircon service company.

Clients can avail of their services at lower rates compared to other companies within their area. There are also gift vouchers that can be bought to promote their services to customers. These are a few options to avail of quality services from Aire Control.

Visit Aire Control at 7030 Ang Mo Kio Avenue Five, Northstar, AMK, Singapore, 5698880. You can email them at [email protected]. Call them at 6659 5959 to set an appointment for an aircon service today!

Gain City

Gain City was primarily an air-conditioner retailer. But they had since expanded their services to include aircon installation, repair and maintenance, and providing other aircon solutions to clients who need aircon servicing.

They have a team of aircon technicians that are available for disposal when their clients need their services. These technicians are BCA-certified which means they are true professionals in their field with an assurance of quality service.

You can avail of their extended warranty and excellent customer service for the products that you buy from them. These are highly recommended services that you should look for when you want to hire a professional aircon service company.

They guarantee satisfaction on their aircon services and the products that you purchase from them. Clients can also avail of installation, delivery for the air-conditioning units they buy from Gain City.

On their website, you can find professionally-consulted guides for buying an air-conditioner. There is more information about the company and its services. You can also book services as well as purchase air-conditioners on their website.

Lemon Cool Aircon

The company promises a “breath of fresh air” to its clients through its array of services that have been tested through time. Their services include diagnosis of the condition of the unit, as well as standard installation and repair services. Among their top rated service is their chemical cleaning service, which is a comprehensive method of the cleaning an aircon that has not been maintained nor repaired for years.

Lemon Cool has been in the industry for over two decades doing annual aircon servicing to both residential, commercial, and non-profit organisations across Singapore. One of the service guarantees of Lemon Cool is fast and accurate quotation for aircon services and other packages. So if you are worried about how much you’ll have to spend for your aircon maintenance, you can head on to their website and ask for a quotation from them. Here some of the recommended features of the Lemon Cool service that you can expect:

  • Highly trained aircon specialist
  • Customer Support
  • Singapore-wide service coverage

Learn more about their services through their website  https://www.lemoncool.com.sg.

Aircon Vision

Professional companies such as aircon vision are hard to find with all the service contractors in Singapore. Quality and reliable service is their trademark from inspection, maintenance & repair, to safe and effective chemical cleaning.

Clients can call them directly to set an appointment. The make or model of your air-conditioner doesn’t matter because their technicians are trained to fix various brands which makes them a promising service contractor.

The best part about this company is their affordable rates. You also get all their services with a guaranteed contract. Call their friendly customer service staff right now to book a service.

Cool Earth

Stop suffering from the hot and humid environment of Singapore because you have a broken air-conditioner. Hire the professional services offered by Cool Earth to get your unit clean and fixed right away.

The company offers standard aircon services including gas top-up, troubleshooting, repair, and maintenance. Customers can also hire them to install the new air-conditioner they just bought for their home or office.

Check out their aircon servicing website to learn about their available service packages and their going rates for each service. They serve major areas such as Ang Mo Kio, Bedok, Woodlands, Toa Payoh, Sengkang, Tampines, Pasir Ris, Jurong West, Bukit Batok, Yishun and Hougang. If you live in those areas, then, you’re in luck because you can avail of Cool Earth’s professional services. Call them today!


Vois has been the aircon service contractor for popular commercial areas, corporate offices, and large residential buildings around Singapore. They’re one of the more trusted companies because of their professionalism and quality work.

Customers can avail of our service packages when they book an appointment with us. They can customize it to their needs. They’re allowed to choose because the services required by a residential and commercial area may differ based on the initial inspection.

Clean and green solutions such as our aircon steam cleaning is their unique service. It effectively cleans air-conditioners without using any harmful chemicals. Dial (65) 6775 0032 to access their customer hotline.

Aircon Boy

You can get your very own air-conditioning service and repair with Aircon Boy in Singapore. The company can be contacted easily via phone or through their website. They can work with any type of air-conditioner from all the popular brands sold in the country.

What you get from them are well-trained technicians who are not only expert servicemen but also are very professional when it comes to doing their work. The prices you get are some of the lowest in Singapore which means that anyone with a budget can still avail of the quality aircon services from the company. Aircon Boy also offers flexible schedules for their clients catering to the busy people in the city who can’t be at home all the time to check on their air-conditioning repairs.

The company had their own license and registered under the government of Singapore. This means that they’re a recognised company assuring customers that the services they do are legit and are quality services as well.

Customers can avail of any of their three major services which are (a) general servicing, (b) chemical services, and (c) repair, maintenance, and installation of ACs. The general and chemical services can be performed on delicate parts such as the fan coils and condensers of your air-conditioner. Aircon units can receive a quality repair, timely maintenance, and professional installation from Aircon Boy.

The prices for their aircon services will depend on the amount of work the company will be doing. They have different pricing per unit for different services which include fan coils, aircon gas, and other troubleshooting services. The rates also differ from chemical washing and chemical overhauling. You can avail of their yearly rates for worry-free aircon servicing. Just set the schedules and let Aircon Boy do the rest.

Recommended companies

Gathering all the information on aircon service companies we have so far, and we’ve come up with the companies that we recommend to you our clients. We picked Billy Aircon, Cool Aire, and AS aircon as our top three from all the aircon service companies we reviewed.

#1 – Billy Aircon

Billy Aircon is one of the recommended companies because of the wide coverage of their services. They provide quality services to multiple locations in Singapore. You can be sure to find a Billy Aircon near your neighborhood.

Call Billy Aircon 9456 0875

Clients can avail of their complete services if they need to look for a company that can deliver the services they need. The prices are low because you don’t need to go through a middleman and you can transact with the company.

The experience of the company has allowed them to refined and perfect the services that they offer their clients. They know that they need to get licensed aircon technicians to do their services giving clients an assurance of quality.

As an aircon service contractor, the professionalism of Billy Aircon is second to none. Installation, repair and maintenance, and troubleshooting are done with the right tools and the handy skills that make them a great company.

You also get a workmanship warranty that lasts for 90 days. This is a solid backup plan when you have a company that assures you with this level of warranty. It makes hiring them almost risk-free because you know for sure they will be able to fix the problem on your AC.

#2 – Gain City

Gain City no doubt is one of the recommended companies if you are looking for one-stop solution kind of services. Gain city sells various type of aircon and usually come with special maintenance package and warranty service.

If you are kind of busy people and convenient is your top priority, Gain city is your choice. Simply subscribe to their yearly maintenance package when purchasing a new air conditioner from them. you can save more time by just pay a little bit more.

Call Gain City 6222 1212 

#3 – AS Aircon

Rounding out our top 3 is AS Aircon who is found in Bedok. With their prime location, they continue to service clients with ease. Quality services are their trademark and many people can attest to the services they deliver.

Call AS Aircon 8291 3266

Well-trained technicians are going to work on your air-conditioner using specialized tools to fix any AC that needs fixing. These services are all available at a price that anyone in Singapore can afford which means you don’t need to break the bank.

Booking online is also made possible on their website. Clients can book using their online form from their house. They also have a customer service team that will be ready to help you when you want to avail of their services.

The chemical cleaning service is also a life saver for many clients. It helped them clean their aircon thoroughly and bring it back to optimal functionality. No wonder they are a choice for a lot of Singaporeans.

Special Mention – Coolbest Aircon

Coolbest Aircon Servicing is a relatively new company in the industry. But, they have gained popularity in Singaporean communities, especially for residential homeowners. They are very reliable when it comes to their services.

Call CoolBest AC 9182 5233

Clients laud them for the reliability with available parts and technicians who are ready to do their work right away. You can also sign a service contract with them to deliver the services you need when you need them which is great for an aircon service company.

Despite being a new company, Coolbest Aircon stands out and will be a fixture in the aircon service industry for years to come.

Do you have other good aircon service company to recommend? Comment below!

Top 5 Best 24 Hour Locksmith Services In Singapore

Are you looking for a reliable & cheap locksmith in Singapore?

Finding a good locksmith is not easy. we have selected 5 best locksmiths in Singapore that we can proudly recommend to you updated for 2019

In a rush? Just call 24/7 Locksmith Singapore at 8243 2440.

Call 24/7 Locksmith 8243 2440

Singapore can just be a small place, but when it comes to the locksmith business, there are various selections you can choose from. You may even find a locksmith near your home if you are living in Singapore, here are the selected the list of 5 best locksmiths in Singapore.

  1.  24/7 Locksmith Singapore

    If you are having a problem with your locks in office and homes, then you can rely upon the service of 24/7 Locksmith Singapore. They can open your door as fast as few minutes and can produce a key in the absence of the original key you are holding.

    My friends and I personally used them multiple times and always getting good locksmith services. This is one of our highly recommended company.

  2. Tiger Locksmith

    Tiger Locksmith is one of the very few locksmith companies established since 1990s. They have vast experience in handling very type of locksmith services including installation of lock, unlocking safe and any type of cars. Like many other locksmith companies, they operate 24/7 with fast response and top-quality services. They also able to provide fast services since they have dedicated team in various region including south/town area, east, west and north areas. Call them at 9661 4270.

  3.  #1 Locksmith Singapore

    If you are looking for automotive, residential or business installation and repair of locks, then the #1 Locksmith Singapore offers more than that. They can serve their customers round the clock, and they specialized in room door locks, gate and window locks. You can call them to install your lock for 50 dollars and 59 dollars for emergency cases, and that already includes the fare fee. They also have services for access control and master rekeying and you may call them anytime you need and trust that they can respond to your call for 15 to 20 minutes. Find out more at http://www.1locksmithsingapore.com

  4. Raffles Locksmith

    Raffles locksmith started their locksmith services in 2010. Although their website doesn’t look impressive, but their services are still reliable. One of our friends did use them multiple times and very happy with their service.

    As usual, they provide locksmith services for all type of unlocking and lock replacement for commercial and residential properties. They also provide emergency 24/7 services and automotive locksmiths services such as replacement of car keys and unlocking car doors.

    They aim to provide 100% customer satisfaction at a fair price. You may contact them at 6298 6298 or email them at [email protected]

  5. 24/7 DC Locksmith

    24/7 DC Locksmith is a young locksmith company set up by a team of professional locksmiths. According to my experience with them, the team have more than ten years’ experience but working under a well-known locksmith company in Singapore.

    Last year, they decided to set up their own company and hoped to provide high-quality locksmith service at affordable price. Based on my experience, the new company usually response faster and provide a cheaper rate. If you wish to try a new locksmith company, give it a try.

You may also interested in this video.

Why Should You Consider False Ceilings Singapore For Your Home

False ceiling is basically a secondary ceiling which usually hangs underneath the main ceiling. For the longest time false ceilings were only installed in commercial places and buildings such as offices and shopping centres. False ceilings are used to hide the internal wirings, facilitate the accommodation of air conditioning systems and also electrical fittings. However, nowadays false ceilings are also installed in living rooms and bedrooms. There are various benefits associated with false ceiling. These benefits include;

1. Enhanced Air Conditioning Performance
Installing a false ceiling improves the air conditioning performance in your home or building. This is because false ceiling reduces the ceiling height thus reducing the volume of the room; this in turn helps in enhancing the air conditioning performance which further reduces your electricity bill. This however works well with buildings that are a bit high. A false ceiling in your living room will end up giving your room a stylish and elegant room. Installing a false ceiling for kitchens is not recommended.

2. Provision Of Insulation
A false ceiling usually acts as an insulation layer. For example if your roof is directly exposed to sunlight the false ceiling acts as a separator which traps the heat from the sunlight hence keeping your room or house cooler. This thermal insulating feature helps control room temperature thus reducing excessive heat.

3. False Ceiling Beautifies The Room
A false ceiling is capable of turning an ordinary room into an extraordinary and spectacular room. It also gives your room an elegant appearance.

4. Reduces Noise Pollution
Installing a false ceiling can help in reducing noise pollution. The false ceiling can help in reducing unpleasant sounds thus making your house, office or building very conducive and comfortable.

5. They Are Easy To Install
A false ceiling is very easy to install, installing it consumes less time and it’s actually not very expensive. If you do your research well you can buy the materials and install the ceiling on your own however for the sake of your own safety and that of your family members you can consider hiring an experienced interior designer to help you install the false ceiling.

6. False Ceilings Are Easy To Remove
False ceilings are not only easy to install but also very easy to remove. In case you might want to repair the ceiling removing it is not very difficult, you can actually remove it have it repaired then reinstall it without much difficulty.

7. False Ceilings Helps To Conceal Flaws
A false ceiling can help in hiding the flaws of your actual ceiling. Flaws such as cracks, water stains, wires, pipes and peeling paint are not very pleasant therefore installing a false ceiling can help in concealing these imperfections. Therefore instead of spending a lot of money on repairs you can consider installing a false ceiling.

8. They Make It Easy To Install Lights
A false ceiling makes it very easy to install lights. This is because they are very much capable of holding lights and other electronic appliances.

These are the various benefits of installing false ceilings in your home. To find out more, you can visit this Facebook page.

Singapore – A Foodies Haven

The Little Red Dot – Singapore. The place that many people call ‘Asia Lite’. Why? According to Singapore Commerce Association, because everything is squeaky clean – every trace of that wonderful street food culture that makes Asian a great and exciting place to visit has been erased in the quest to make Singapore into a sort of Disneyland of South East Asia. That’s what some visitors would have you believe – it’s absolute and utter rubbish.

For those who have lived in Singapore one of the fondest memories they will have is the food. It is simply among the best in the world. Whether you want Chinese (a huge selection of different cuisines), Thai, Malay, Indian or anything that Asia has to offer it is there for the taking in Singapore.

And then you ignore some of the most wonderful foods that are domestic creations.

For those who love the tastes and flavors of a place that is perfectly situated at the end of the Malay Peninsula Singapore is a gastronomic playground.

From the blog, it is different to start a tour of the wonders of where to find the best that Singapore has to offer as far as food is concerned.

Even if you are wearing a suit and tie there can only be one place that should be the first on your bucket list of Singaporean cuisine. That is Lau Pa Sat Food Hawker Center. Right at the center of the financial district this is the pace where you can kick back and relax with some of Singapore’s most iconic dishes – and really begin to understand the multicultural nature of the food that you will enjoy across the city state.

Hawker centers are found all over the city – and they offer the best value – and some of the most delicious food to be found in Singapore. Why pay $50 for lunch when you can pay $5? For something which contains fresh ingredients?

So why would you avoid places like the Maxwell Hawkers Centre which provides one the best chicken rice dishes in the word (Gordon Ramsey loved it) at Tian Tian Chicken Rice?

Well – Singapore offers some of the best western style restaurants in the world. Head down to the financial district and you can enjoy some of the best cuisine in the world. Visit Marina Bay Sands – one of the most iconic hotels in the world and there are a plethora of restaurants to choose from. Visit Cut – Wolfgang Pucks signature steakhouse. Or Hide Yamamoto and enjoy fresh and wonderful creations at around $300 per meal.

However, for the authentic taste of Singapore there can be no substitute for the Hawker Market. It is where the locals and the expats alike gather. It allows you to experience the entirety of what the Singapore food scene is all about. The freshness of the food and the fact that the Singapore authorities keep an eye on hygiene all the time make the market experience simply the best when it comes to exploring the Singapore food scene.

A hawker market is where people from all walks of life gather. It is where you can taste foods from across southeast Asia. The multicultural nature of Singapore businesses allows you to spend an evening in the company of people from across the region p and enjoy foods that you may not have ever thought existed. However. Many of the foods that you have had in your home countries are brought to life – as they should have been.

It’ll be hot, it may be crowded. But the rewards are incredible. Crack open an ice cold Tiger beer and settle down to chicken and peanut sauce – you’ll never leave.

The Benefit of Business Administration Course

Are you thinking about taking majoring in Business/Administration? It’s an excellent option and can provide you with many benefits including the following:

  1. Versatility

According to Mantissa, if you’re looking for a degree with versatility then you should definitely consider Business Administration. The skill sets you learn can be used in different companies, industries, regions, etc. For example, if you’re interested in having a job that offers you mobility you should certainly consider Business Administration. It can provide you with many opportunities. In fact, you can even have the opportunity to work in different regions and countries.

  1. Demand

The demand for Business/Administration is generally always high. That’s because it combines art/science and planning/analysis. This provides graduates with a wide number of skill sets. It also makes them in demand in various industries like marketing, finance, advertising, public relationships, and insurance.

The demand for Business majors fluctuates somewhat based on various factors. However, the general demand stays high based on factors like the know-how and skills of business majors. So if you’re looking for a major that will generally stay in-demand you should consider Business Administration. It’s not the only degree that can provide a high salary but is certainly one of the best options.

Today’s job market is constantly changing. This includes various factors but certain degrees are constantly in high demand. Business Administration is one of the best options if you’re looking for an in-demand major. This is one of the reasons it’s an excellent option if you want to pick a degree that will still be demand in the future. You should still consider brushing up your skills and especially in terms of technology. However, a business degree can provide you with the groundwork for a career in the business world.

  1. Opportunities

If you’re looking for a major that provides you with many opportunities, then you should definitely consider Business Administration. It can provide you many opportunities in terms of where you work, companies you can work for, and so on. In fact, if you’re looking for a major with ton of opportunities you should definitely consider Business/Administration. It’s one of the best options in terms of the various opportunities you can have.

  1. Salary

If you’re looking for a good salary then you should definitely consider a Business/Administration degree. The actual salary that you earn can vary greatly. The average salary was $65,700 in May 2015. That figure will likely remain high since the demand for Business/Administration graduates will continue to remain high.

There’s many factors that affect the salary you can earn with a Business/Administration degree. They include the school you attended, your specialization, the company you work for, etc. These are all various factors that affect your earning potential. However, it all starts with earning your degree then finding a good-paying job.

These are some of many benefits of a Business Administration degree you should consider. It can provide you with many options and opportunities, which is definitely important if you want to have a chance to boost your earning potential. Like their Facebook page for more about this.


Finding The Best Moving Company in Singapore

Moving services are commonly hired in Singapore because there are a lot of people who transfer homes even within the city of Singapore. Young professionals, students, and expats regularly move from place to place.

It is crucial that you find the right moving company in Singapore because they will guide you through a potentially stressful situation. You can sort them out through a list just make sure you find the criteria that fits you so that you don’t get hassled by the things you don’t want when you’re moving.

Local moves might entail different costs especially when working with different size apartments, number of furniture, and location within the city. You need to get quotes from your moving company before you hire them so you can get an estimate of the cost before the service starts.


When you’re moving, it is important that you get the most convenience as possible out of a stressful task. Your moving company should be able to ease the burden by making everything less of a hassle. They must be able to meet your needs and protect your things while you’re on the move.

The services that you get should be able to cover everything from the packing of stuff to arrival and unpacking to the destination. Movers should be their every step of the way so you don’t get left alone with a bunch of stuff you need to carry inside your new home.


A complete set of services is important to allow clients to choose the service they want to avail of. Some movers offer both self-packing and their own packing services to provide options to their clients. They also have their own van and trucking service to get your stuff transported to your place in less time.

For farther distances, a sea freight or warehouse service can be provided for clients so that their things will be transported efficiently. This should be paired with logistical support before departure and upon arrival.

Local moves would be more convenient if a moving company would be able to offer a same-day moving service. It would be sellable to clients especially those that don’t have time to get off from work because they’re very busy.


For many movers, insurance is an important service because it protect their stuff from possible damages that will happen during the move. It is a quality assurance move that gives the company’s clients confidence in their service.

They can provide details on the insurance coverage that will satisfy what their client wants. It may be replacement for broken stuff. Some might leave a monetary compensation for damages. Other will put a clause that ensures their furniture and appliances will be protected throughout the travel.

Modern tools

A moving company should have advanced logistical support like gps tracking, cold storage, and reinforced packing instruments. This ensures the protection of the goods, furniture, and appliances being carried during a move.

These are all characteristics deemed important by many movers in Singapore that you need to watch out for. They are easy enough to spot and you can even provide a checklist for these things so you will get the best moving company for you.

Common Plumbing Problems that Homeowners Have to Deal With

No homeowner would want to have to deal with a plumbing problem when they buy a house, but it does happen. It is a matter of when and not if, there is a very likely that you are going to have to deal with either a broken shower, a busted pipe, a broken faucet a clogged drain, or some other related issue that may plague your plumbing system

You do want to be sure that you are ready to know what the right response is should a situation like this happens. This is why it is important that you can recognize what the likely issues that your plumbing system is going to experience are. This way, you know what causes them and what are the best solutions that should be employed to get them fixed and patched.

Leaky pipes

It is very common to see leaky pipes, especially during the cold and wintry months. But one has to be aware that this is a problem that is likely to happen all year-round too. Be aware that pipes tend to start leaking at the joints. This is why it is important to keep an eye on those wet spots on the ceiling or the ground. The last thing you want is for water to ultimately damage your home. That can get costly so, the sooner that you can get the leaky pipes fixed the better.

Drippy faucets

This is a very common problem that a lot of homeowners have to deal with at some point. Here are a lot of people that tend to ignore it as well be aware that the longer that faucet drips, the more water you are going to waste. Think of your monthly bill. Getting it fixed right away is crucial.

Low water pressure

There are many homes these days that suffer from water pressure that is very low. If you seem to notice that not enough water seems to be dripping out of your faucet or in your shower, there is a very good chance that you are not getting enough water pressure. A good plumber should be able to determine the cause and make sure that it is fixed accordingly for you.

Clogged drains

A very common issue when it comes to plumbing is a clogged drain. Clogged drains tend to occur due to how people seem to be not careful enough when it comes to what they throw to go down the drain, especially in the kitchen. You may have been habitually pouring oil down your drain, or putting stringy and other fibrous wastes on these drains. If you have tried out some homemade solutions to try and fix the problem and it is still not working, professional help is what you need.

You are going to need to hire the right plumber to fix the issue. They can give you tips and ideas for your plumbing. Look for the right professional, an experienced one and make sure he is licensed and insured too.

Piñata in Copán: Selection board is distributed master squares

The blatant interference of members of the teacher selection board in the department of Copán would be the main hindrance in the process of appointing teachers to the western region of the country. The results of the past competition are evidenced to be the product of the antojadizas decisions that the departmental authorities took when reviewing the tests carried out by 800 teachers.
Sources that for their protection asked Revistazo to remain anonymous, revealed that some teachers leaders in conspiracy with the departmental authorities took advantage of the situation to benefit, a situation that once again exposes the irregularities of the process.

Judge and Jury

The head of Human Resources, Ivan Domínguez Tabora, represents the Ministry of Education for his position at the departmental selection board. However, he also participated in the contest and won the first place for a place in the assistance of the natural science laboratory and another as a teacher in the middle level for the same subject.

National Commissioner of Human Rights

The Freedom and Refoundation Party, LIBRE, a political force of opposition in the National Congress, about the imminent election of the new NATIONAL COMMISSIONER OF HUMAN RIGHTS, to the Honduran people, to their militancy and to the international community makes the following:

1. That our position regarding the selection process has been at all times propositive with the aim of obtaining a transparent election, which can provide a real and viable solution to the serious deterioration suffered by the human rights situation in our country.

2. That our representatives in the Multiparty Commission appointed for the task of selection by the President of the National Congress have maintained positions consistent with the struggle to defend the human rights of the Honduran people.

3. That despite all the efforts made, for transparency, at one point we strongly protested when it was wanted to violate the right to ask freely in the interviews to the aspirants.