Top 5 Best And Recommended Locksmith In Singapore

Singapore can just be a small place, but when it comes to the locksmith business, there are various selections you can choose from. You may even find a locksmith near your home if you are living in Singapore, but we have selected the list of 5 best locksmiths in Singapore that we can proudly recommend to you.

  1. Vincent Locksmith

They are ready to serve their clients 24 hours and with friendly services. They can be contacted at numbers +65 8812 7499. For first time customers who haven’t tried their services yet, we can say that they time conscious and so quick to respond in emergencies, so you do not have to wait long outside your apartment if you happen to lose your key or forget it in another place. What customers need in times like this is the fast servicing, and Vincent Locksmith never disappoints their customer and can arrive at your place earlier than you expected them.

  1.  24/7 Locksmith Singapore

If you are having a problem with your locks in office and homes, then you can rely upon the service of 24/7 Locksmith Singapore. They can open your door as fast as few minutes and can produce a key in the absence of the original key you are holding.

  1.  Botak Locksmith

They are always ready to answer your queries and provide you an estimated cost. Plus the services they offer is superb you can come back to them when you get stuck outside again, losing your key. They had been in the business for almost three decades, and their expertise in this area can already be trusted. They are proud to have served their customers whatever their needs in home, office and vehicle locks at the most reasonable price and they are one of the locksmith in Singapore who has excellent customer services and can respond to emergencies the soonest time possible.

  1. #1 Locksmith Singapore

If you are looking for automotive, residential or business installation and repair of locks, then the #1 Locksmith Singapore offers more than that. They can serve their customers round the clock, and they specialized in room door locks, gate and window locks. You can call them to install your lock for 50 dollars and 59 dollars for emergency cases, and that already includes the fare fee. They also have services for access control and master rekeying and you may call them anytime you need and trust that they can respond to your call for 15 to 20 minutes. Find out more at

  1. Soxxi Master

Located in the Yishun, Singapore we have the Soxxi Master at block 931, Yishun Central 1. They offer services such as replacement of broken key shell, key duplication, car locks repair, automobile remote and transponder programming, and so much more. They had been servicing the people of Singapore since 2009 so you can just imagine how long they are doing this job that makes them the top of 5 on the list.

The list we have provided are just quick-help for you if you are searching for the best locksmith in Singapore and there are still other locksmith companies that are not included in the list but also offers best services. Feel free to drop a comment and so we can check out their services for the convenience of those who need a fast solution to their needs.






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